Queens Park

Information about Real Estate in Queens Park

Queens Park now incorporates the former suburb of Maniana, once of State Housing development post WW2, which has been pulled down and redeveloped into "Quattro".
New developments such as "Skytown" have seen property prices boom as developers buy up old houses for unit development especially around the older parts of Queens Park on Welshpool Rd.

A little bit of history.

The suburb derives its name from the former Queens Park Road Board that was incorporated into the Canning and Belmont Road Boards. Queens Park was originally known as Woodlupine. The name change was brought about following a murder in 1911. Local residents and authorities feared the incident could jeopardise the development of the area. It was agreed that the name would be changed to Queens Park to honour Queen Alexandra, wife of King Edward VII.

The largest single land holder in Queens Park was Sister Kate's children's home which was founded by Sister Kate in 1934 and expanded in 1936 which at the time, A. O. Neville, the government Chief Protector of Aboriginals was the architect of an official scheme which oversaw the care, custody and education of Aboriginal and half-caste children under 16 years in the state. The scheme's purpose was to integrate young and part Aboriginal children into white society by separating them from their families.

The process by which the separation was done has since been widely condemned when a report entitled Bringing Them Home was published in 1997 following a federal government enquiry. These people are now known as the Stolen Generation.

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