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Remax Southern Stars Cannington strives to provide the most professional and dedicated service to our clients at all times. Our investors’ requirements are of paramount importance to us, that’s why our property management staff strive at all times to achieve the best possible price in the shortest possible time.

Why you need a property manager

When dealing with a rental property, an owner or agent needs to be aware of the legislation within the industry, which constantly changes. Property management in itself is regulated by six different state and federal legislations:

  • The Residential Tenancy Act
  • Property Agents and Motor Dealers Act
  • Privacy Act
  • Property law Act
  • Trade Practices Act
  • Racial Discrimination Act


We are experts in home property management. Our rental department keeps abreast of all the amendments that are made to these acts and we implement any changes efficiently to ensure your property always adheres to the legal guidelines. A property manager is your mediator when it comes to dealing with tenants; we deal with the everyday requests of a tenant to put a buffer between you and your tenants.

Not only do the acts change, but the market is also in constant fluctuation. We are in the best possible position to offer sound advice when it comes to obtaining the maximum return for your property, whilst maintaining a low vacancy rate as we monitor market fluctuations on a daily basis.

Marketing your investment

When trying to find a suitable tenant, our office is dedicated to advertising your property in the most effective way. Exposure is a sure fire way to get a property rented out as soon as possible. We assist you every step of the way and once all the admin is completed, we can begin managing your property.

Management of the property

Entry and exit condition reports

Our expert property managers conduct an entry and exit condition report before and after each occupancy. A thorough report is carried out to help maintain and protect the standard of your investment property. Upon completion, a copy of the report is sent to our owner for their records. We understand the importance of such reports not only to establish the standard of the property at the initial stage of the tenancy, but also as a most important risk management tool when it comes to the end of the tenancy and a comparative inspection is carried out.

Routine inspections

Inspections are vital in maintaining the long-term viability of your investment. Our office conducts regular routine inspections on all the rental properties we manage once every three months, to ensure your tenants are looking after your property and to identify any maintenance concerns.

After every inspection, a detailed report is forwarded to you to keep you informed about the condition of your property.


Ongoing repairs and maintenance are part of owning an investment property and must be undertaken regularly. It is the owner's responsibility to maintain a property to ensure its, as well as the satisfaction of its tenants. If you have your own maintenance vendors, we will arrange the logistics and if not, we have our own list of trusted tradespeople who can take care of any repair work.

Rental arrears

We monitor rental payments on a regular basis to minimise the risk of bad payment. If it gets out of control, we deal with all the necessary legal documentation to ensure all payments are made.

Rent disbursement and statements

Rentals are held in our trust account and disbursed to you at the end of each month. These funds can be transferred directly into your nominated bank account and should be in your account on or before the first working day of the following month. We issue a detailed statement, with a breakdown of all rent received, maintenance and commission paid. These comprehensive statements, as well as a detailed breakdown at the end of the financial year, make your personal accounting much simpler.

Rent reviews

Our experienced residential property managers provide regular reviews of the rental status of your property in comparison to other properties in the market.

Landlord insurance

Our office highly recommends to all property owners that they consider a landlord insurance policy. This insurance covers the owner for any loss they may incur throughout the rental process.

For an excellent, well-rounded property management service, contact the experts at Remax Southern Stars Cannington.

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